Are you interested in joining the Executive Team? 

​We are looking for ambitious and talented individuals to join our Executive Team and support our operations. You will be working behind the scenes to help the Law Review run smoothly and effectively. 

We are currently recruiting for the following positions: 

- Head of Marketing 

- Head of Partnerships 
- Head of Logistics 

- Marketing Executive 

- Outreach Executive

- Editors

Head of Marketing 


Our Head of Marketing is responsible for maintaining a strong online presence across all our social media platforms and keeping followers up to date with our activities. Applicants should note they will be required to share our articles, events, resources and other activities as well as support our expansion and growth through involvement in journalism events and other relevant opportunities, for example.


Head of Partnerships


The role involves reaching out to different law firms and businesses to secure sponsors for the Law Review while also maintaining strong relationships with our current partners. The successful application will need to curate bespoke partnership deals to address the needs of different companies and ensure the Law Review meets its contractual obligations to partners.


Head of Logistics


Logistics is a vital role that ensures our publication can run smoothly and effectively. We are looking for an organised and capable individual to help us manage our growing Editorial Team. With over 60 writers from a range of universities across the United Kingdom, we need someone who can create a clear and balanced schedule of articles and keep track of article topics, submissions and extensions. The successful candidate will be working closely with the rest of the committee in order to do so. 


Marketing Executive


The Marketing Executive’s role is to support the Law Review’s design and social media presence. You will be working with the Head of Marketing to promote the Law Review’s articles and activities on various platforms and design high-quality posts and content. You will also be sharing relevant events and resources from our partners, working with the Head of Partnerships to raise awareness of these opportunities.


Outreach Executive


The Outreach Executive will work to expand the Law Review on campus and further afield. They will arrange collaborations with relevant societies and businesses in St Andrews, working closely with the Head of Partnerships to elevate our brand. This role may also involve organising and hosting socials for the Law Review’s team and followers.




Our editors are integral to our team and its operations and work to ensure our articles are of a consistently high standard. They work with writers to fine tune and develop their work, offering constructive and valuable feedback. Successful candidates will be required to edit 1-2 articles a semester.

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