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Are you interested in helping bring the Law Review together? 

​We are looking for ambitious and creative individuals to join our Administrative Team. Through this, we hope to foster constructive discussions on various law-related issues throughout town.​

We are currently recruiting for the following positions: 


  • Editors

  • Marketing Team

  • Website Designer

  • Partnerships Team


  • Work with writers to develop and fine-tune their articles 

  • Communicate with writers about feedback and edits

  • Upload articles to the website

  • Maintain a strong line of communication with the Editor-In-Chief

  • Ensure that the style guide is consistently implemented 

  • Strong communication and time-management skills

  • Editors can expect to work on one article a week

Marketing Team:

  • Assisting the Head of Marketing with scheduling weekly social media posts

  • Prepare weekly posts/stories on Canva to promote articles 

  • Knowledge of Canva and other graphic design platforms

  • Assist with planning and advertising socials/events

  • Help design merch

  • Must be highly organised and responsive 

  • Research and analyse marketing trends and pitch creative ideas regarding designs for posts to enhance social media interaction

Website Designer :

  • Must have previous Wix experience!

  • Work with the Head of Marketing and Founder to streamline the website aesthetically and functionally

  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief to assist with any issues with uploading posts

  • Update the website with relevant information regarding partnerships, writers, and articles

Partnerships Team: 

  • Work with the Head of Partnerships to manage communication with sponsors

  • Communicate with the Editor-in-Chief, Head of Logistics, and Head of Marketing about events and relevant updates

  • Assist Head of Partnerships with finding and signing with sponsors

  • Must be highly organised and responsive

  • Strong communication and time management skills

Keen to get involved? Please fill out the application form below.

If you have any questions or issues, please drop us an email

Come Work With Us

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