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St Andrews Law Review x Congrapps

The St Andrews Law Review is thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with Congrapps this year! Congrapps is an excellent resource for young professionals in a variety of fields navigating the stressful world of job applications and graduate recruiting. Their service offers access to the cover letters, applications and interview experiences of successful applicants to prestigious law firms as well as other application resources in adjacent fields such as finance and consulting. Read on to find out more about Congrapps and the invaluable benefits they are offering the Law Review’s followers this year.

What is Congrapps and what does it offer?

Congrapps was founded by Aimilios Koumantos and Hristian Markov who met when competing for the same Training Contract during a Vacation Scheme. They were both dissatisfied with the graduate recruiting process and wanted to make information and advice more widely accessible to help level the playing field among applicants. Congrapps is the first and largest database offering access to 100 percent verified successful applications, cover letters and interview experiences.

There is also a feature called “The Congrapps Tracker” which helps boost productivity by giving the applicant control over their process by allowing them to track personal deadlines, set tasks, take notes, receive email reminders and much more.

Congrapps’s statistics include over 150 companies, 550 applications and 90 interview experiences. There are four tiers of access from a free account to the “Corporate Astronaut” tier which incrementally increases access to their employment resources.

What Exclusive Benefits can the Law Review’s Followers Enjoy?

Congrapps will be giving away "Corporate Astronaut" Memberships to 10 lucky winners! Be sure to follow the Law Review's Instagram to participate in the giveaway.

How do I get Involved?

To utilise their resources and stay on track during your application process, head over to Congrapp’s website and register an account!


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